With a focus on Breif Interventions this one day course is a must for those working with young people. The Alcohol & Youth Skills Training aims to improve youth providers’ (any one who works with young people) skills, confidence and knowledge in identifying young people who are misusing alcohol and enable them to intervene appropriately. In turn, young people will be identified earlier and be able to access effective and appropriate support.

The Training Includes:

  • Alcohol awareness and information
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of for alcohol misuse
  • Providing brief advice and support to young people
  • Supporting changes to reduce alcohol related harm
  • Referring to specialist/structured support


The training aims to improve skills, confidence and expertise of youth providers working with young people around alcohol and be able to intervene appropriately.


  • To develop knowledge and understanding around alcohol
  • To be able to assess and act upon immediate risk to danger
  • To be able to identify and make appropriate referrals to local support mechanisms for those experiencing problems
  • To understand the cycle of change
  • To develop basic skills in motivational interviewing.
  • To gain an understanding and develop skills to provide brief advice and support to young people around alcohol.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Alcohol and it’s effects.
  • Recognising indications of alcohol misuse.
  • Assessing and acting upon immediate risk of danger.
  • The range of actions you can take when a young person maybe misusing alcohol and how to decide what action is most appropriate.
  • Providing basic information, advice and support to reduce harm.
  • Brief advice and interventions
  • Using motivational interviewing skills when working with young people.
  • Tools to use with young people to their reduce level of alcohol intake.
  • Referring on to more structured support where appropriate.

This course is designed to meet Drugs and Alcohol National Occupational Standards

AA1    Recognise indications of substance (alcohol misuse) 

AB5    Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance (alcohol users)

AF1     Carry out screening and referral assessment 

AH10 Carry out brief interventions with alcohol users 


“Very useful and informative training”

“I loved the real life examples, cases studies and videos; really engaging trainingr”

“Very enjoyable and informative day, thank you!”

“Very interesting, trainer was fantastic; a really well delivered programme!”

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Trainer:Charlotte Gordon
Duration:One Day

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