Do you work with people?

Have you thought about how the availability of pornography via modern technology and the media impacts on relationships?

Social media and social network sites (SNS) are an evolving area for sexual health communication with young people. They present opportunities and challenges for sexual health professionals and young people alike, such as learning through interactivity and addressing concerns about privacy

Social networks are how many young people communicate with one another, however we are increasingly hearing stories of young people sharing pictures and information with people they have never met and do not know. Understanding the pressures and why young people do this will help you work with young people to resist the pressure they face.
This course enables participants to gain knowledge and skills about the influences and pressures young people face as they develop and explore their emerging sexuality. 

Come and join us in this one day training to explore what impact technology can have on sexual health and behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training, participants will: 

  • Explain the messages young people receive that influence their sexual life, relationships and self-esteem
  • Identify the potential impact of modern media (including social networks, pornography and celebrity culture) and key messages to support young people to negotiate it safely
  • Describe how to support young people to make informed choices about their sexual life
  • Describe how to encourage young people to think about the importance of positive friendships to build self esteem
  • Describe how to equip young people with the skills to say no to sex they don’t want and to explore intimacy and sensuality in non-sexual ways.
  • Have tools and techniques to work effectively with young people 
  • Know where and when to refer to appropriate serivces

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