With a detailed focus on building resilience when working with young people this 1-day course covers a large number of illegal and legal drugs, plus a wide range of issues related to substance misuse, social effects, health and the various responses and interventions when working with young people.

Our wellbeing is shaped not only by our circumstances but by the meaning we make of what happens to us. Two children can have very similar experiences, failing a test, for example; but each may tell themselves a very different story about what happened and why. Our capacity to integrate experience into our belief system and value base and to process events in a meaningful and positive way – our capacity to reflect – powerfully influences our sense of wellbeing.Resilience has been variously defined as: normal development under difficult circumstances, or the human capacity to face, overcome and ultimately be strengthened by life’s adversities and challenges. This is not something that people either have or do not – resilience is learnable and teachable and as we learn we increase the range of strategies available to us when things get difficult. Resilience is about all children (and adults), not just those who are considered vulnerable, and is therefore a whole school issue.

Course Overview

Knowing the signs and symptoms relating to drug use; problems associated with drug use; harm reduction; responses to drug use; and drug services, using effective communication skills and building resilience when talking and working with young people around drugs.

The course is suitable for all staff who require up to date information on drugs issues and how to work with clients who may be using


  • Deliver sessions more comfortably and more be willing to use the techniques that are key to effective drug education with young people, either in groups or in a 1:1 setting.
  • Use strategies for raising and discussing sensitive or potentially controversial issues with their groups.
  • Gain knowledge around the nature of substance misuse and how it can impact on young people
  • Use tried and tested effective sessions and workshops around drugs & alcohol.
  • Problem solving approaches
  • Challenging negative perceptions of self
  • Gain a greater awareness of local and national resources.
  • Expand knowledge of help, support and information to access within professional setting and where and when to refer on to

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