A recent survey by Ofcom found that children are spending more time online, are more likely to go online alone and are using a wider range of devices to access the internet. Effective sex education is essential if this generation of young people are to make responsible and well-informed decisions about the lives they go on to lead.

Current sex and relationship education guidelines, were last updated in 2000 – some 13 years ago – and contain no reference to the internet; mobile technology or online bullying. Since then there has been an explosion in the number of children accessing hardcore images online, and the emergence of cyberbullying as a major threat faced by youngsters.

If teenagers are surfing the web alone in their bedrooms then there is a risk they could be exposed to online pornography – this is the generation for whom social networking sites, webcams and photo-sharing are all a normal part of growing up.

A third of schools currently have inadequate sex and relationship education according to Ofsted; Learning about these issues will equip young people to be more in control and the chances are they will be less likely to look for answers about sex and relationships elsewhere.

Course Overview

This unique one-day course supports practioners working with young people and families to deliver and promote good quality sex education, which deals with a whole range of topics including consent, body image, gender and power imbalances.

Let’s not wait for young people to find pornography. Instead, let’s talk about it openly…


  • Develop an understanding of how bodies in porn and modelling offer an unrealistic idea of how most people look and how most people’s bodies work.
  • Have the opportunity to reflect on their own values and attitudes related to porn and sexually explicit materials within a safe and participatory learning environment.
  • To develop knowledge and understanding around Sexual Health and the internet.
  • To encourage young people to recognise the positive uses for technology in developing and improving their own education.
  • Develop skills to work with young people around the context of the internet how it differs to real life.
  • To help raise awareness of potential risks, especially around sexting, when using communication technologies including mobile devices

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how talking about porn and the internet, can be used as a tool to talk about self-esteem, body image, boundaries, pleasure, communication, sexual safety, the law, equality, emotions, relationships and gender.
  • Understanding around the nature of fantasy sexual imagery.
  • The possible consequences of not making the most appropriate choice when deciding what personal information they should post online.
  • To be able to understand the various types of online relationships that can occur from online communication.

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