Self-esteem, body image, how we relate to others and our overall identity are all intertwined with our sexuality.

Despite the importance of sexuality in our lives, we are often uncomfortable talking about these issues.proud to be a member of SEF v2

KIP Education offers a variety of customized sexual health workshops to draw together the school community network across the United Kingdom and beyond, including students, parents, teachers, professionals and concerned community members.

Our workshops provide a FUN and RELAXED atmosphere where individuals can increase their knowledge, motivation and skills to achieve optimal sexual health.

KIP Education’s staff are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate educators, coaches and facilitators dedicated to excellence and committed to the sexual empowerment of people of all ages. They are skilled presenters and excellent communicators. Their primary goal is to make exploring sexual health fun and meaningful, and to alleviate the shame and embarrassment sometimes associated with this extremely important topic.

Our team provides workshops that work with the students own knowledge, attributes and behaviours. Sexual health information is covered incorporating the life skills needed; Self esteem, Negotiation, Decision Making and Accessing Services. Our workshops reflect the needs of the students and are respectful of the ethos of the organisation. All our programs are age appropriate.

Examples of the types of workshops we run for young people in a classroom of group/ youth work setting:

  • Sex and relationships
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Pornography & the Internet
  • Sex & the Law
  • Sex & Boundaries
  • Contraception
  • Pregnancy and choices
  • Negotiating safer sex
  • Sex & pleasure
  • Understanding consent
  • Sexual orientations / challenging homophobia and transphobia

Examples of the types of workshops we run for parents and professionals:

  • Education to Parents of Children/Teenagers on how to discuss/explain sex, ethics and bodily changes to their children
  • Education to Parents of Children/Teenagers with disabilities on how to discuss/explain sex, ethics and bodily changes to their children
  • Education to Health Professionals on working with clients who have sexual health concerns/relationship issues
  • Education to students on how to support clients with sexual health concerns/relationships issues

Education Sessions/WorkshopsKIP Education tailor our sessions to the needs of our clients and can create new presentations and workshops accordingly 

The sessions tend to be between 1 hour and 2 hours long and again this depends on the need of the client.

Sex Education can be a tricky subject to teach as students can find it awkward to discuss sexual knowledge and experiences.

To book a workshop on sex education, or if you have a specific workshop in mind please call us today; we have many unique programs available for you! contact us on 07956 300453 for more information.

KIP Education also offers other workshops; to find out more about KIP Education and our other workshops please visit our Workshops Page.