KIP Education’s are passionate that young people deserve good quality, age appropriate  relationships and sex education throughout their life. We are here to help professionals deliver up to date and meaningful RSE

Training empowers professionals to take on sessions and interventions that they may have previously found awkward or out of their skill’s zone. Each course provides not only up-to-date information, they also encourage professionals to take on these challenges and create effective and interactive interventions, lessons, sessions and workshops that staff and young people will enjoy.

The Government announcement to introduce RSE to all secondary schools, and relationship education to all primary schools is very welcome. We know that relationships have a huge impact on someone’s mental health, both in a positive way and, often in the case of unhealthy relationships, with significant negative impacts. That’s why it’s crucial for young people to learn about relationships and sex, and about how that impacts on emotional wellbeing and mental health. Get yourself skilled up on everything with our training courses below.

All KIP Education SRE training aims to:

  • Focus on mental health and emotional well-being
  • Promote body confidence and self-esteem
  • Educate about sexual pressure
  • Teach about online pressures

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As open training but delivered to a specific group or organisation, usually at a facility or a venue of the client’s choice.


£850 plus trainer expenses
Maximum 18 participants


Specifically designed and developed to meet a client’s particular needs where a mix of training and consultancy could be offered.


We have a team of experts. Consultancy this year has included assisting organisations to write policies and guidelines, carrying out a needs assessment with young people and professionals and facilitating seminars and briefings for specialist teams.

Whatever your needs and budget, our expert team can find a suitable solution for you.

For more information, please contact the KIP Education Training Manager on 07956 300 453

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