KIP Education CIC

Empowering young people & professionals for a brighter future. 



Todays’s Students.

Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Health & Wellbeing Workshops

KIP Education CIC workshops are specifically designed and tailored to the National Curriculum and the needs of your school. Specifically tailored for each class and year group. All sessions are interactive, challenging, effective and fun!

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Gangs & Knife Crime Sessions

KIP Education CIC unique sessions create awareness around gangs, crime, knife crime, motivation and resilience in a school environment or youth setting among young people. 

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Drug Workshops

KIP Education CIC unique sessions create awareness around addiction in a school environment or youth setting among young people. By equipping young people with knowledge and understanding we empower them to deal with these challenges every day.

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KS1 & KS2 Workshops

Our innovative workshops develop children and young people’s ability to effectively manage the challenges they face, improve their wellbeing and reduce mental health problems. We have extensive experience working with primary schools to develop mental health and wellbeing.

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Education & Innovation.

Sexual Health Workshops

KIP Education CIC offers a variety of customised sexual health workshops to draw together the school community network across the United Kingdom and beyond.

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Social Gaming & Mental Health Workshops

KIP Education CIC unique sessions create awareness around social gaming, gambling, and addiction, in a school environment or youth setting among young people. 

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Self-Esteem Workshops

KIP Education CIC program helps empower students to feel good about a themselves and build resilience. Consider the impact this program can have within your health and wellness curriculum.

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Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

KIP Education CIC provides various modules on  LGBTQ+ related topics specifically related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Training that Empowers & Builds.

Engaging and practical training for professionals and parents. Improve your ability to inspire and motivate young people to achieve outstanding results



Consultancy & Management

Dedicated to change.

Management Consultancy and Training is a useful tool for developing solutions for organisations to:

KIP EDUCATION CIC believes in a partnership approach to consultancy