Entry Level Alcohol & Targeted Group Work

Benefits of Attending 
Wth a detailed focus on sessions plans and workshops when working with young people in and out of the classroom, this course covers a wide range of issues related to alcohol and young people. 

Topics Covered
Knowing the signs and symptoms relating to alcohol use; problems associated with alcohol use; harm reduction; responses to alcohol use; drug services, using effective communication skills when talking to young people about alcohol. 

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Deliver alcohol education more comfortably and be more willing to use the techniques that are key to effective alcohol education with young people.
  • Use strategies for raising and discussing sensitive or potentially controversial issues with their groups.
  • Use tried and tested , effective sessions and workshops around alcohol and young people.
  • Gain a greater awareness of local and national resources of help, support, and information to access within school and where and when to refer on to


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