Sessions & Workshops

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KIP Education CIC provides various modules on LGBTQ+ related topics

Every school has a responsibility to promote diversity and equality, to ensure the school experience is inclusive of all its students. With an influx of young people identifying within the LGBTQ+ umbrella it is vital that peers, teachers and parents are equipped with tools to further support these individuals. 

Mental health and substance misuse issues are significantly higher for LGBTQ+ youth. This includes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. 


Sessions specifically related to sexual orientation and gender identity:

  • Mental health & substance misuse issues in the LGBTQ+ community

  • LGBTQ+ specific Sex and Relationships Education

  • Life stories by LGBTQ+ professionals

  • Tackling Homophobia & Transphobia in school

  • Gender Diversity & Trans Awareness

  • LGBTQ+ rights & worldwide legislation

KIP Education CIC incorporates a therapeutic process in which all parties can work with the struggle adolescents face as they go through school both within their peer group as well as in their home environment. Through and within this process we focus on building a bond with young people so as to establish a level of trust that will allow the learner to process and understand their feelings around those difficult emotions.

KIP Education CIC tailor our sessions to the needs of our clients and can create new presentations and workshops accordingly. The sessions are usually between 1 hour and 2 hours long and again this depends on the need of the client.

Diversity & Inclusion can be tricky subjects to teach in primary schools many students find it awkward to discuss knowledge and experiences with staff they see every day. To book a workshop, or if you have a specific workshop in mind please call us today; we have many unique programs available for you! contact us on 07956 300453 for more information.

KIP Education CIC also offers other workshop to young people of all ages. To find out more about KIP Education CIC and our other workshops please visit our Workshops Page.