Sessions & Workshops


KIP Education CICs unique sessions create awareness around addiction a school environment or youth setting among young people. 

Binge drinking, substance experimentation and substance abuse are becoming a major concern. The chances of effectively reducing the danger facing adolescents today are increased, not by locking our kids away from their peers, but through education on the logical consequences that can accompany substance abuse in any form.

By equipping young people with knowledge and understanding we empower them as well as you, the parents/teachers/ professionals to deal with these challenges every day.

We use a harm reduction model which is a public health approach to encourage young people to say how drugs relate to them in society.

We use a number of creative ways to raise the issue which is both age and material appropriate. 


Examples of the types of workshops we run for young people in a classroom of group/ youth work setting:

  • Drug Awareness

  • Drug & Alcohol addiction

  • Life Stories with recovering addicts

  • Alcohol Awareness and binge drinking

  • Novel Psychoactive Substances or “Legal Highs”

  • Tobacco and smoking

  • Cannabis awareness

  • Drugs and Friendship: This program explores the relationship between substance use (primary focus on alcohol) and friendship, and developing skills to respond to peers who may be experiencing difficulty with substance use. 

We aim to provide:

  • Informative drug and alcohol education  

  • Explore attitudes and opinions 

  • Clarify current drug and alcohol legislation 

  • Provide harm reduction information

  • Signposts to local drug and alcohol treatment services 


KIP Education CIC sessions are usually between 1 hour and 2 hours long and again this depends on the need of the client.

Drug Education can be a tricky subject to teach as students can find it awkward to discuss drug knowledge and experiences. To book a workshop on drugs and alcohol education, or if you have a specific workshop in mind please call us today; we have many unique programs available for you! contact us on 07956 300453 for more information.

KIP Education also offers other workshops; to find out more about KIP Education and our other workshops please visit our Workshops Page.