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Talking to Young People about Risky Behaviour Training

April 16 @ 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

This course aims to give you an understanding of risk taking behaviour in young people and how their decisions about alcohol, drugs, self-harm, sex and relationships are often linked together.


It will increase your confidence and knowledge in how to support young people to make good decisions about these types of behaviours, including problematic cannabis dependence, alcohol use, sexual health, self-harm and self injury and unhealthy relationships. This course will give you tools and techniques for engaging and enhancing your rapport with young people. 


This training can be linked to your continued professional development CPD and is a great way to network with other professionals


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify risk taking behaviours in young people and how they are linked, including current trends in substance misuse and types of unhealthy relationship

  • Understand why early intervention with young people exhibiting risk taking behaviours is importan

  • Recognise the different levels of substance misuse and relationship issues (particularly around problematic cannabis dependence, alcohol use and unsafe sex), and identify when behaviour becomes  a serious problem 

  • Understand what influences young people’s behaviour 

  • Know practical strategies and tools for talking to young people about risky behaviours and helping them to make good decisions 

  • Practice listening skills and techniques for talking to young people about risk taking behaviour 

  • Know when and how to refer young people for specialist support, including knowing which local services are most appropriate

  • Know practical strategies and tools for promoting positive wellbeing in young people.

  • Gain a greater awareness of local and national resources of help, support, and information

Your facilitator for the day is Charlotte Gordon:

Charlotte Gordon has spent 25 years working with young people of all ages specifically working in substance misuse & sexual health.

Charlotte is a life-coach, focusing on specialist techniques such as, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioural therapy and NLP. This had led her to develop a unique process for helping individuals and groups to elicit change.

Charlotte is the founder and director of KIP Education and chairwoman of the Drug Education Practitioners Forum, and is a core member of the Sex Education Forum and the PSHE Association.

Charlotte’s professional career and personal history as a vulnerable young person has allowed her to develop a unique training style that  is informal and effective. She currently delivers training nationwide to various professionals, including substance misuse workers, teachers, social workers, mental health workers, youth workers and youth offending teams, and all professionals working with young people. Charlotte plans and implements workshops on drugs, alcohol, addiction, sexual health, internet safety, bullying, eating disorders , self-harm and self-injury, domestic violence and teen-dating abuse in schools and youth settings. 


“Outstanding course!! very engaging and charismatically delivered”

“Brilliant trainer, was kept engaged whole time and right levels of opportunity to participate. Trainer had very good knowledge on suject and how we can help young people”

“Excellent course; very detailed knowledge and explanations to ensure understanding”

“Excellent! Down to earth approach”

“Good pace and excellent resources!”


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