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This exclusive training for professionals working with young people, youth workers, YOT workers, teachers, mentors and those that work within family services. A unique opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of young people at risk, involved or victims of gang culture and violence. 

This 1 day training course will help practitioners put forward proactive interventions to engage & tackle this prevalent & challenging issue. The training provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of why young people are attracted to street gangs, gang culture and knife related violence. Looking at the law with regards to knife crime and the legal and emotional consequences of carrying a knife. The course aims to develop an understanding as to why young people feel it necessary to belong to gangs, the associated risks and possible indicators. 

This course is a must for any professional working with vulnerable young people. It will assist practitioners introduce proactive interventions to support ‘at risk’ young people in tackling this social issue.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the evidence on community violence, including gang information

  • Explore the impact of violence upon families and relationships, from both a historical and contemporary perspective

  • Share good practice when safeguarding and promoting a violence-free lifestyle

  • Overcome the challenges facilitators may encounter when discussing violence

  • Boost facilitator confidence in delivering SFSC, even when facing opposition from parents, practitioners or their own values


Your facilitator for the day is Craig Pinkney:

He is an experienced youth worker and has a BA (Hons) in Youth & Community Development (JNC) and a Diploma and Master’s degree in Criminology. Craig Pinkney has over 13 years of experience as an outreach worker, transformational speaker, gang exit strategist, mediator, mentor and filmmaker.

Craig Pinkney is well known for working with some of the cities most challenging young people, potentially high-risk offenders, victims of gang violence and youth who are deemed as hard to reach. Through mentoring, discussion, advocacy, sport, media, film and faith based interventions.

Craig aims to give a platform to young people, which he believes will raise attainment and to promote positive social change. Craig is also the UK lead for the EUGANGS Project, which is a transnational collaborative project carried by professionals from five countries who research, develop professional practice for those working in Gang and Youth Crime environments across Europe.

Craig Pinkney also is a full time lecturer at UCB (University College of Birmingham), and specialising in youth violence, urban street gangs, extremism, trauma and Black mens desistance

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“Really powerful and insightful course especially for someone like myself who has never had that ‘street’ level of knowledge experience”

“The trainer was focused, enthusiastic, knowledgeable of his field, open, direct, time keeper”

“Absolutely incredible course, cant recommend it enough!”


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£1350 plus trainer expenses
Maximum 18 participants


Specifically designed and developed to meet a client’s particular needs where a mix of training and consultancy could be offered.

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