Sessions & Workshops


KIP Education CIC unique sessions create awareness around gangs, crime, knife crime, motivation and resilience in a school environment or youth setting among young people. 

We provide workshops, interactive sessions and presentations to children and young people in schools, colleges and universities.  In particular, we provide young people with the skills to identify and explore the dangers of criminal and anti-social behaviour. With these skills they will be able to develop a greater understanding of others and social inclusion.

We aim to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in crime, by targeting those most at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour with appropriate intervention. We aim to divert young people from school exclusion and further crime-related behaviours. These programmes are developed in order for young people to examine and challenge their own ideas about crime and antisocial behaviour. This is achieved through interactive and informal learning.

Examples of the types of workshops we run for young people in a classroom of group/ youth work setting:

  • The importance of education

  • Dealing with peer pressure

  • Choices – and making the right ones

  • Knife crime

  • Gang culture

  • Joint Enterprise (and the law)

  • The Justice System

  • Custody – the reality of life behind bars

  • Consequences – of a criminal record

  • Motivation

  • Resilience

This program explores preventative/intervention themed workshops which raise awareness of some of the potential pitfalls, circumstances, and behaviours which can, often inadvertently, lead to young people becoming involved in crime/illegal activity – while also raising awareness of the consequences to all involved – addressing a range of issues.


KIP Education CIC incorporates a therapeutic process in which all parties can work with the struggle adolescents face as they go through school both within their peer group as well as in their home environment. Through and within this process we focus on building a bond with young people so as to establish a level of trust that will allow the learner to process and understand their feelings, establishing a sense of normalcy around those difficult emotions.

KIP Education CIC tailor our sessions to the needs of our clients and can create new presentations and workshops accordingly. The sessions are usually between 1 hour and 2 hours long and again this depends on the need of the client.

Education around Crime and Gang Culture can be a tricky subject to teach as students can find it awkward to discuss drug knowledge and experiences. To book a workshop on drugs and alcohol education, or if you have a specific workshop in mind please call us today; we have many unique programs available for you! contact us on 07956 300453 for more information.

KIP Education also offers other workshops; to find out more about KIP Education and our other workshops please visit our Workshops Page