Can We Teach Happiness?

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KIP Education CIC & Happy Days have teamed up to deliver this fantastic program to young people, parents and professionals all over the UK.

What makes a child grow into a happy adult? Since happiness is a by-product of emotional health, let us look at what specifically makes humans happy.

The latest research on happiness gives us surprising answers. Once survival, safety and basic comforts are assured, external circumstances don’t actually affect our happiness levels much. In fact, the largest determinant of our happiness turns out to be our own mental, emotional and physical habits, which create the body chemistry that determines our happiness level.

Can we make happiness a habit? It may seem odd to refer to happiness as a habit. But it is likely that by the time we are adults, we have settled into the habit of often being happy, or the habit of being largely unhappy.

So what is the good news? We can make happiness a habit! We just need to make the new habits a part of our lives so that they become automatic so that they can serve as a protective function throughout our childhood and into adult life. A priceless life skill to pass onto our younger generations.

How can we help children to begin to develop the habits that lead to happiness? The modern world of neuroscience has discovered through the study of neuro-plasticity that our brains can be physically changed. Like plasticine, with the right education, tools and support, we can mould our brains by changing our thinking and perceptions. Ultimately, this means that we can take control of and begin to change our behaviours. All it takes is the awakening of our awareness, better knowledge of ourselves and a new understanding of our brains.

In these uncertain times, the one thing that we can be certain of is that we will all experience change. However, are schools given the resources to be able to do enough to prepare our young people so that they can meet these changes with resilience, optimism and feelings of happiness?

Happy Days believe that everyone has the right to live happier lives. We use up to date research to build an interactive experience for children and adults alike. We put positive thinking into positive action.

The Happy Days Programme.

No-one knows the needs of the school more than the teachers themselves. So, with this in mind, we have created a ‘build your own’ approach to our programme. You can choose which modules resonate most with the needs of your young people, parents and professionals alike. Each module lasts for one hour. *Module 1 is compulsory as it is our key note piece.

  1. Happy Days For Everyone ‘Filtering your life with happiness’.

  2. Turning positive thinking into positive action.

  3. Recognising and challenging perceptions.

  4. Meaningful relationships.

  5. Managing moods and self esteem.

  6. Goal Mapping. (This can also be a stand alone programme)

  7. Living in a material world.

  8. Turning positive thinking into positive action.

  9. Recognising and managing stress.

  10. How to cultivate resilience.

The Happy Hub.

Happy Days For Everyone are offering all schools who take part in this programme exclusive access to their online page, with access to tools and techniques that you can watch and maybe even use in your daily teaching practices.

What is the *Happy Hub? It is a member’s only subscription page that brings together a unique library of Happy Days approved techniques and teachings from a huge array of Experts. Each month you will gain access to NEW EXCLUSIVE content. The content is designed to educate you so that you can begin to make daily positive changes to the way that you think, feel and act. Think of us as the Netflix of self-development!


Happy Days is a collaboration between Super Star DJ and leading Thought Coach, Brandon Block; NLP Trainer and human Swiss Army Knife, Michelle Allen; Family Coach and Programme lead, Gaynor Murphy and the Creator of Goal Mapping, Brian Mayne.

The Happy Days team bring together decades of experience in Self Development from across a range of sectors. They have combined all of their skills and experiences with the aim to teach effective tools so that you can harness your potential, achieve your personal goals and enjoy true happiness in all areas of your life. It is a fully holistic approach to self-care.


“We can’t claim to change the twists and turns in life, but we can teach you how to navigate through them with a smile.”

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For more information, please contact the KIP Education on 07956 300 453