Life Skills Programs


The support of parents and teachers is undoubtedly vital for the success of students.

However, the impact that guidance and advice from people who are closer in age can have is often overlooked – in fact, peer mentoring has been shown to lead to improved attitude to school, attendance and behaviour. It can also help students to build up a peer network within their school, causing more holistic benefits such as a sense of community and belonging.

The interactive, one-day programme facilitated by Adrian Sladdin, author of various Peer Mentoring programmes, will allow your students to develop mentoring and coaching skills as well as establish an on-going programme in your school and college.

The training is independently certificated by UK Awarding Body The Learning Machine and caters for approximately 30 students per session. It is also endorsed by Dulwich College teacher, Jonathan Ratnasabapathy.

Peer Mentoring and Life Coaching’ is the way forward, with dynamic training for young people and staff on how to implement an exciting programme to bring about change and improvement around the following areas:

  • Academic Grades

  • Sport

  • The Arts

  • Study Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

“One-to-one mentoring will give students a safe environment to raise concerns & ask questions which they might not feel confident talking about in front of an adult or in a classroom setting”
“We were very pleased that Adrian was able to make such significant changes in a short space of time and would highly recommend him to other schools looking to provide a meaningful peer mentoring service.”



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