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A recent EU report estimated that more than one psychoactive drug comes onto the market each week. An explosion in the number of online retailers and ‘head shops’ selling the new drugs is a main driver. At this rate of growth, it is proving more and more difficult for organisations who treat and support drug users, regulators and the Law to keep up and respond effectively.


This course will increase a participant’s knowledge of the emerging danger from the abuse of new designer compounds and other novel drugs of abuse. Specific emerging substances of abuse that will be covered are Bath Salts, Synthetic cannabinoids (K2), Salvia as well as other designer compounds and naturally occurring substances. Case examples will be presented to help illustrate clinical consideration regarding these substances. This one day course draws upon the most up to date research to explore the rapidly changing drugs trends in the UK. In particular we will examine the increased use of new psychoactive drugs such as Mephedrone (MM-Cat) and NRG-1 and “legal highs” such as Salvia, MXE, and Mexxy.

The course is suitable for all staff who require up to date information on drugs issues and how to work with clients who may be using


  • To explore trends and usage around synthetic drug use.

  • To examine the issues around ‘legal highs’.

  • Understand how psychoactive substances work

  • To gain knowledge around the problems associated with poly-drug use.

  • To explore the impact the internet plays in drugs culture.

  • To understand effects, risks and harm reduction responses.

  • To understand relevant advice, information & resources.


  • To understand the factors that affects a drug use experience

  • To be aware of the types of ‘new’ drugs, and those which are ‘legal highs’

  • To be aware of the patterns and prevalence of use in relation to legal highs

  • To be aware of the possible harms, risks and harm reduction responses to legal high drugs

  • To understand the legal situation in relation to legal highs and the impact of legislation


Your facilitator for the day is Charlotte Gordon:

Charlotte Gordon has spent 25 years working with young people of all ages specifically working in substance misuse & sexual health.

Charlotte is a life-coach, focusing on specialist techniques such as, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioural therapy and NLP. This had led her to develop a unique process for helping individuals and groups to elicit change.

Charlotte is the founder and director of KIP Education and chairwoman of the Drug Education Practitioners Forum, and is a core member of the Sex Education Forum and the PSHE Association.

Charlotte’s professional career and personal history as a vulnerable young person has allowed her to develop a unique training style that  is informal and effective. She currently delivers training nationwide to various professionals, including substance misuse workers, teachers, social workers, mental health workers, youth workers and youth offending teams, and all professionals working with young people. Charlotte plans and implements workshops on drugs, alcohol, addiction, sexual health, internet safety, bullying, eating disorders , self-harm and self-injury, domestic violence and teen-dating abuse in schools and youth settings. 

“Very useful and informative training”

“I loved the real life examples, cases studies and videos; really engaging trainingr”

“Very enjoyable and informative day, thank you!”

“Very interesting, trainer was fantastic; a really well delivered programme!”


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£1350 plus trainer expenses
Maximum 18 participants


Specifically designed and developed to meet a client’s particular needs where a mix of training and consultancy could be offered.

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