Our Vision

Educators are innovators.

We are KIP Education CIC, an organisation focused on young people’s self-esteem and confidence and the repercussions of those needs not being met, whether it be around sexual health, addiction, self-harm, knife-crime & gangs or bullying. We are leaders in creative and effective workshops and training for young people and professionals in and around the UK.


KIP Education CIC’s ultimate aim is not only to give young people the opportunity to explore and be challenged about their values and attitudes, but also arm both teacher, professional and parent with the information and assistance that is so often missing.

At KIP Education CIC we recognise the need to work through these problems and we have the background experience to provide the correct tools to empower young people to make positive and informed choices.

“We still live in an age where negative stereotypes about mental health dominate thinking, KIP Education helps young people develop their understanding.”

Charlotte Gordon
CEO, Mentor