Training – Talking to Young People about Sex  & Relationships 

Talking to young people about sex and their relationships can be daunting – what do you say? Can you answer their questions honestly? How much is too much? Where do you draw the line…? 

The truth is if you work with young people, the chances are you will have to engage them in conversations about sex and relationships – where it is unpicking their attitudes to sex, their partners or sign posting them to access support or contraception. 

Whether you like it or not it is inevitable. If they value you as a worker they will talk to you and ask you question, regardless of whether you think you are the right person or not! 

This training is designed to give professionals who work young people a good understanding of Sexual Health , sex & relationships (SRE) and their role in delivering quality and positive interventions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training, participants will: 

  • Be aware of the factors that impact on young people͛s decision making regarding relationships and sexual health. 
  • Have had an opportunity to consider their attitudes and values around young people and sex and how they might impact on their work. 
  • Be able to initiate conversations with young people regarding sex and relationships . 
  • Have had the opportunity to consider wider issues in sexual health regarding young people, sex and the law and how this impacts on the way that we work with young people. 
  • Be aware of the range of local sexual health resources and services and how to signpost to them. 

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